Australia’s Big Day Out Through The Eyes of Tony Hawk [26 Photos]

The Big Day Out  is an annual music festival held in several cities in Australia and New Zealand in late January. The best performers on Earth descend Down Under and this year Tony Hawk and his skating crew we’re invite to do skating exhibitions at each of the shows. He chronicled the trip so check out the tricks, road trip action, behind the scenes look at bands and all the madness that goes along with being the most famous skateboarder on Earth.

Perth Big Day Out setup
Thanks Adelaide!
Cage The Elephant; Adelaide, Australia.
Bells Beach, Australia
More Mega-Ramping today. This is my first frontside air ever on that beast.
MegaRamp McTwist
Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia
Toughest demo I've done in years; flu + heat = dizzy. But Melbourne crowd was sweet.
10 dudes, 1 van. Melbourne or bust.
Our dressing room for Big Day Out Sydney; living the dream.
Me and my buddy on a walkabout in Sydney
5, Bondi, sprinkling; scary
Sydney sunrise
Our Oz crew just grew. Street invaders
My Chemical Bromance.
Odd Couple
Thanks Auckland! Sick crowd, fun demo. Off to Gold Coast.
See you soon, Auckland. I swear I'm in this lineup somewhere...
Japan Air? On it. Practice for Big Day Out 2012, Auckland
Goodbye CA, see you soon NZ.
Skated with my childhood:skate hero Eddie Elguera today (he's the reason I do nose-grab airs). Thank you El Gato
Hangin loose in Kauai, 1989-ish
Relearning Gymnast Plants for the Ride Channel special

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