16 Sports Teams With Hidden Meanings In Their Logos

Minnesota Twins: The word “Win” in “Twins” is underlined.

Milwaukee Brewers: Glove forms and MB

Washington Capitals: The wings form a “W” and the logo has a silhouette of the capital building at the bottom.

Minnesota Wild: shape of an animal head

Chicago Bulls: robot reading a book on a bench, all under inverted gravity.

Big Ten: When the conference added an eleventh team they made a clever update to the old logo.

New York Mets: colors come from the Giants (orange) and Dodgers (blue), and they use the interlocking NY from the old Giants

Atlanta Falcons: The bird forms an F

Washington State Cougars: logo consists of the letters “WSU”

Arizona Diamondbacks: D and B for a snakehead with the tongue at the bottom.

Washinton Wizards: new (alternate) logo is a basketball with the Washington Monument forming one of the seams.

Texas Rangers: Robert Short owned the team and the R and S were capitalized in RangerS.

New Jersey Devils: Intertwined “N” and “J”

Detroit Red Wings: Car tire/wheel

Edmonton Oilers: oil drop at the top.

Hartford Whalers logo: the negative space in between the whale’s tail and the “W” forms an “H”.

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