Skinth Solutions Smartphone Case

The Skinth SP is a no nonsense belt or pocket carry case for Smart Phones. The SP will fit an iPhone 3, 3s, 4, 4s and other similar sized smart phones. Large phones can be accommodated, please contact to inquire. Flanking the SkinthSP are two open ended tubes large enough to carry the venerable Sharpie marker, a AAA flashlight (with clip) or any other kind of simliar size item. The bottoms of these can be closed for items without clips. The front pocket of the SkinthSP is sized for credit/debit cards, business cards or a small folding knife. The SkinthSP is unpadded but suspends the phone within it’s confines but it is recommended that the user face the phone’s screen towards the body to avoid damage. The SkinthSP is constructed from super durable premium 1000D PU Cordura Fabric with a variety of colors (Black, OD Green, Orange, Red, Coyote Brown, RealTree Camo, Woodland Camo…). Custom colour combinations are available upon request but will delay production time slightly to account for material acquisition.

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