The 18 Hottest Photos of Maryna Linchuk

Maryna Linchuk may have just won the internet this week with her latest photos for Nordstrom Lingerie. Maryna’s career is blowing up in a big way over in Europe and now with this shoot she has officially had her coming out party in the U.S. market. Expect big things from Maryna Linchuk in the weeks months years to come.

The Week In Women: The internet is a fast moving beast, especially when it comes to photoshoots of women. Everyday there are 20 to 30 new photo galleries unleashed to the web so it can be hard to keep up and weed through the clutter.

The goal of The Week In Women is to give Roosevelts readers a destination to see a curated list of the hottest photoshoots of the week. These shoots are handpicked by your favorite Roosevelt editors over the course of the week and compiled into one spot for you to enjoy. Each thumbnail below represents a photoshoot, that’s right we’re not talking individual photos here. So make sure to take your time and check out each because this was an awesome week on the web for hot women.

Editors note: all the galleries are safe for work (S.F.W.) so don’t feel hesitant to click.

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