What Is Kate Upton’s Ultimate Date? It Involves A Horse.

In person, Kate Upton looks exactly like she does in the photos, but today something is off—or rather, on. Like her clothes. In the past year, the 19-year-old model has become a force of nature by revealing herself in Sports Illustrated cover, a GQ fashion shoot, and as, uh, “Peter Cottontail.” So, can a guy really be blamed for expecting that’s how she goes through the world? But other than the tight black jeans and ruffled blouse, the rest is intact: cocked eyebrow, beauty mark, Avatar proportions. We meet at NYC’s Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue, where she’s resting before competing at the Axe Combine House, an event promoting the brand’s latest product. We shake hands, and get right down to the important stuff: bathing, riding horses, and her thoughts on friends with benefits.

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