The 25 Greatest Sandwiches In America

One of the sandwiches below will be named the Best Sandwich in America by food expert Adam Richman. The title of Best Sandwich in America is so broad and with literally tens of thousands of options I feel like there is no way you could ever accurately name the best sandwich. BUT… Richman is the man and travels the country eating food for a living so if anyone were ever to undertake this monumental task I think he could do the best job. His show premiere Wednesday 6/6 at 9|8c on Travel Channel so make sure you set your DVR’s. In the mean time check out the contenders… only one will be crowned Best Sandwich in America! Which ones have you tried?

4-Courser Sandwich, The Fifty/50, Chicago, IL

The CSS Virginia, Blacksheep, Richmond, VA

Media Noche, Aguila Sandwich Shop, Tampa, FL

Crab Grilled Cheese, Jumpin Jay’s, Portsmouth, NH

The Steak Sandwich, Big Ass Sandwiches, Portland, OR

Oxtail Sandwich, Salumi, Seattle, WA

Al’s Combo Italian Beef, Al’s Italian Beef, Chicago, IL

The Yardbird, Slow’s Bar-BQ, Detroit, MI

Pork Belly Cubano, Bunk Sandwiches, Portland OR

BLT, Crown Candy Kitchen, St. Louis, MO

Pulled Lamb Sandwich, Wexler’s, San Francisco, CA

EL TORO, Phil’s BBQ, San Diego, CA

Pulled Pork, JR’s BBQ, Los Angeles, CA

Zesty Lemon Lobster Roll, The Galley Restaurant & Pub, Naples, FL

Chicken Cheddar Biscuit, Time-Out Restaurant, Chapel Hill, NC

Chicken Club Sandwich, W Hotel, Washington, DC

Shrimp Po Boy, Domilise’s Po-Boy and Bar, New Orleans, LA

Fish Taco Torta, Tilia, Minneapolis, MN

Tale of Two Turkeys, Book Trader Café, New Haven, CT

Corned Beef and Pastrami Sandwich, Katz’s Deli, New York, NY

The Asian Flank Steak Sandwich, Mitchell’s Delicatessen, Nashville, TN

Crab Cake Sandwich, Faidley Seafood, Baltimore, MD

The Cap & Egg, Primanti Brothers, Pittsburgh, PA

Grouper Reuben, Skipper’s Smokehouse, Tampa FL

The Chicken Conquistador, Zunzi’s, Savannah, GA

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