Introducing The 2012 Baseball Bucket List

There is so much more to baseball than just the game itself. It’s the stadium traditions, wild superfans, tailgates, signature foods, stadium bars and the general team culture that makes baseball America’s game. This summer two baseball fans, Steve Gebhardt and John Tramutolo, are setting out on our a journey powered by Windows Phone to complete the ultimate baseball bucket list. Everything ranging from sitting in Steve Bartman’s chair (dressed as Steve Bartman) at Wrigley Field to kayaking in McCovey Cove in San Francisco to making it past security and sitting in an MLB dugout, they’re going to do it all.

Now they need your help. Use Facebook and or the hash-tag #WPbaseball to tell the guys what bucket list items they need to check off at your stadium. Additionally, if you know anyone who can help them complete some of the items on the Bucket List let them know.

The journey kicks off Saturday, June 23 at Citi field when the Mets take on the Yankees so follow along at every day for more and keep in touch over Facebook or

The Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List Schedule

Stay tuned several in store appearances, a hot dog eating contest, tailgate events and ticket giveaways are announced. If Steve and John are seeing a game in your city drop them a line on Facebook or Twitter and join them for the game.

Saturday, June 23             New York Yankees vs New York Mets at 7:15 ET
Monday, June 25               Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox at 7:15 ET
Tuesday, June 26              Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankees at 7:05 ET
Wednesday, June 27         New York Mets vs Chicago Cubs at 1:20 CT
Friday, June 29                 Arizona Diamondbacks vs Milwaukee Brewers at 7:10 CT
Saturday, June 30            Houston Astros vs Chicago Cubs at 3:05 CT
Sunday, July 1                    Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giants at 1:15 PT
Tuesday, July 3                  Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Dodgers at 7:10 PT
Thursday, July 5                Baltimore Orioles vs Angels of Anaheim at 7:05 PT
Saturday, July 7                 Minnesota Twins vs Texas Rangers at 7:05 CT
Monday, July 9                  All-Star Game Home Run Derby at 5:00 CT
Tuesday, July 10                MLB All-Star Game at 5:05 CT
Friday, July 13                   Texas Rangers vs Seattle Mariners at 7:05 PT

The Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List

Attend MLB All-Star Game Home Run Derby
Take batting practice on a MLB field
Operate the “Home Run Apple” at Citi Field
Sit in Steve Bartman’s seat wearing Steve Bartman gear
Slide into home plate
Sing “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park
Hold a World Series trophy
Eat a Dodger Dog
Throw batting practice
Dress up as the Sausage at Miller Park
Throw out the first pitch
Kayak in McCovey Cove at AT&T Park
Sit in the “Red Seat” at Fenway Park
Take a dip in the Kauffman Stadium Water Falls
Try to hit a Knuckleball
Work a concessions stand
Try to get a player to acknowledge us on the field
Wear a World Series ring
Meet Front Row Amy
Streak a game
Chalk the lines
Meet Vin Scully
Sneak down from cheap seats to the front row
Take a picture with the Pipe Dog at the entrance of the LIRR  at Citi Field
Meet Cow Bell Man at Citi Field
Conduct the post game interview
Take a ride on Bernie Brewer’s slide at Miller Park
See a homerun walk off
Pesky Pole at Fenway Park
Drink an Old Style beer at Wrigley Field
Meet Pin Man at Citi Field
Meet a “Bleacher Creature” at Yankee Stadium
Visit The Starting Line-Up at Fenway Park
Take a picture with Mr. Met at Citi Field
Wak out of the corn at the Field Of Dreams field
Eat Shake Shack at Citi Field
Participate in “Roll Call” at Yankee Stadium
See the Shea Stadium Home Run Apple
Change a bulb at Kauffman Stadium’s Jumbotron
Visit Monument Park at Yankee Stadium
Announce an inning
Sit behind the backstop and get on national TV
Heckle a player
Sing the National Anthem
Take a tour of a locker room
Change the scoreboard at Fenway Park
Attend the All-Star Game
Get on the Jumbotron
Spray paint the lines
Run the bases of Old Shea Stadium
Find Billy Joel’s Brick  at Citi Field
Run out of the bullpen
Throw out the first pitch
Spot a Yankees Suck t-Shirt at Fenway Park
Watch a game from the top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park
Be in attendance for a no-hitter
Attend the Hall of Fame Inductions
Take a dip in the Citi Field dunk tank
Water the Ivy at Wrigley Field
Catch a home run ball
Deliver the first pitch on a Harley at Miller Park
Throw batting practice to a MLB player
Catch batting practice homerun balls at Wrigley Field
Use The Bathroom At Bleacher Bar During Batting Practice
Sing the YMCA at Yankee Stadium
Watch a game from the Wrigley Field roof tops
Yawkey Way Bar Crawl
Watch a sausage race at Miller Park


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