China Pwnd – Introducing Our New Series Called “Country Cartoons”

Rory Roosevelt, our D.C. correspondant, sent me an email a few days ago saying that he whipped up a few cartoons. First I thought WTF is Rory doing making cartoons? Then, since Rory works in Washington naturally I hit up Bing for some Larry Craig jokes. Then I finally got around to looking at his cartoons which are pretty damn funny. Rory has no photoshop skills what so ever but I think that’s what adds to the hilarity of his take on historical or current events in a no frills sort of way. We’re going to post the cartoons as we get them so without further ado…

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Watch Humvees Get Destroyed In This Army Airdrop Fail

Pobody’s nerfect, even the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade. During a recent airdrop exercise at the US Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany, the 173rd aparrently took the term “airdrop” literrally and dropped three HMMWVs from their C130 aircraft that quickly became detached from their rigging and smashed…