The 24 Beautiful Female Olympians To Keep An Eye Out For In London

Here are the 24 most beautiful Olympians to keep an eye out for in London. We didn’t put them in any particular order since we’d be lucky to even get the chance to talk to any of these women.

Romy Tarangul

Country: Germany
Sport: Judo

Romy was nice enough to pose for the German version of Playboy, and for that we thank her.

Sophie Polkamp

Country: Netherlands
Sport: Field Hockey

Remember that really hot girl field hockey girl in high school… Well Sophie is way hotter.

Susanna Kallur

Country: Sweden
Sport: Track&Field (Hurdles)

Agnieszka Radwanska

Country: Poland
Sport: Tennis

Not sure how they do it, but Women’s Tennis manages to introduce us to some of the sexiest women athletes in the world.

Michelle Jenneke

Country: Australia
Sport: Track & Field (Hurdles)

The GIF of Michelle dancing (above) made her the Queen of the internet last week.

Alex Morgan

Country: USA
Sport: Soccer

The Captain made an appearance in this year’s SI Swimsuit issue. A win for us all!

Ana Ivanovic

Country: Serbia
Sport: Tennis

The Tennis Gods shine down on us again, this time in the from Serbia.

Christina Vukicevic

Country: Norway
Sport: Track & Field (Hurdles)

Could it get any better than a showdown between Chrstina Vukicevic and Michelle Jenneke?

Corey Cogdell

Country: USA
Sport: Shooting

Yup, you read it correctly. This girl’s hot and knows how to handle a gun.

Darya Kilshina

Country: Russia
Sport: Track & Field (Long Jump)

What’s hotter than playing around in the sand with a hot Russian.

Fabiana Murer

Country: Brazil
Sport: Track & Field (Pole Vault)

Not sure how many gold medals the Brazilian team will win, but they’re racking up the smoke shows on the women’s team.

Francesca Piccinni

Country: Italy
Sport: Volleyball

Italy finally makes an appearance with a hottie that can dig, spike and kill.

Hope Solo

Country: USA
Sport: Soccer

She may pop PED’s like Barry Bonds but that doesn’t mean she isn’t hot.

Jaqueline Carvalho

Country: Brazil
Sport: Volleyball

Brazil does it again with Jaqueline Carvahlo. Book your tickets now for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

Jessica Ennis

Country: Great Britain
Sport: Track & Field (Hurdles)

If they decide to host a hometown hottie competition in the Olympic Village, we’ve got ourselves the winner.

Lauren Cheney

Country: USA
Sport: Soccer

Watching women play sports may not be the most exciting thing in the world, unless you’re watching the group of smoke shows know as the USA Women’s Soccer Team.

Lauren Sesselmann

Country: Canada
Sport: Soccer

On a normal day, cheering for America’s top hat is frowned upon. But we’ll make an exception if you find yourself pulling for Lauren Sesselmann. And for the record, she’s actually American, but she’s got a Canadian citizenship too.

Leryn Franco

Country: Paraguay
Sport: Javelin

Not only can this smoke show chuck a Javelin farther than you, she also was the runner up in Miss USA in Paraguay in 2006. (Note from the author: I spent about an hour looking up Leryn’s pictures. I suggest you do the same.)

Lolo Jones

Country: USA
Sport: Track & Field (Hurdles)

We can only hope that the rumors of Lolo and Tim Tebow dating are true, and then we can see what kind of freakish athlete they pop out in a few years.

Maria Sharapova

Country: Russia
Sport: Tennis

So, you know who she is. There isn’t much to say, she’s blonde, she’s Russian, she’s hot.

Marsha Marescia

Country: South Africa
Sport: Field Hockey

So field hockey might be a really dumb sport, but if you need a reason to watch… here it is.

Naomi Flood

Country: Australia
Sport: Kayaking

If you need someone to race out to McCovey’s cove and retrieve a home run ball, this is the chick to do it.

Natalie Coughlin

Country: USA
Sport: Swimming

This will be her third Olympic Games, and it’s safe to say she’s been the hottest woman in the pool for all three.

Niki Gudex

Country: Australia
Sport: Mountain Biking

A model with an insanely hot body, an Olympian in a bad ass sport, and a real job as a graphic designer make this girl marriage material.

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