Enjoying All-Star BBQ and MLB Festivities At Kauffman Stadium


When you think of the quintessential ballpark to house an MLB All-Star game you automatically think of Kansas City, right? No? Well you should, Kansas City waited 40 years to show the world what they had to offer and they definitely didn’t disappoint The Roosevelts or our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List.

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From the outside, Kauffman Stadium looks like the every other circular aesthetic disaster from the 1960’s- 80’s, with the back of it’s head blown out to fit the largest vertical jumbotron in the MLB. Then you double take, pout your lips and nod your head, because you can’t help but think how unlike any other stadium in the country Kauffman is. Before it’s facelift, a few years ago, Kauffman was just another wet blanket stadium from the days yonder, but now it’s taken a page from the open aired parks of today and it works.

The outfield concourse has more personality then all $2 billion stuffed in to Yankee Stadium. The water fountains in centerfield were obviously the biggest attraction the stadium has to offer. Definitely a unique feature no other stadium in the country has. Many a home run derby ball found its way into those fountains.

Behind the fountains lives the most delicious barbeque in all of baseball. The picnic area at Kauffman houses a BBQ joint that offers up Kansas City Burnt ends, ribs that fall of the bone and some new hybrid nachos with creamed cheesy corn and pulled pork. Rumor has it that the BBQ is catered by KC’s famous Jack Stacks, but we couldnt find any solid information on the case. Even though the locals claimed it was barely average, it was some of the best food we had all trip.

Obviously the two main attractions for Kauffman were the Home Run Derby and the All-Star game. During the home run derby we nearly caught a few Jose Bautista bombs and we’re close enough to the action that we appeared on TV several times. Our hometown hero Robbie Cano got shutout and the biggest bro in baseball walked away with the crown.

As for the All-Star game there wasn’t much to cheer for right from the start. Verlander got shelled in the first inning, guess he had Kate Upton on the mind and there was no turning back for the National League as they led a route of the AL. Regardless of the outcome of the game we have a blast in Kansas City and left 3-5 pounds heavier than when we arrived.

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