Talita Correa Is The Most Beautiful Model You’ve Never Heard Of [35 Photos]

Brazil is home to soccer legends, carnival and smoking’ hot women. The latest pride of the nation is Talita Correa, a sultry model now living in Los Angeles to peruse her career. In the latest issue of FHM South Africa Talita actually says that super models literally grow in trees in Brazil. Lemme just hop on over to Kayak.com to book my trip to Brazil now…. ok, done. In potentially the quote of the year Talita admits that she doesn’t like to wear lingerie (that is the p.c. water down version of how she described it), she is a huge football fan looking forward to the upcoming World Cup, she has never dated a pro athlete but she does have a little crush on Kaka and if she wash’t modeling she’d be a dentist. All-in-all we think Talita is here to stay but there is little to know buzz about her on the web so all that changes today.

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