8 MVP Apps Of The Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List Trip

Now that the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List trip is complete we had a chance to step back and look at all the apps that helped make three weeks of life on the road more enjoyable and easier for us. We used several dozen apps throughout the trip but here are the MVPs.


Sometimes it is hard to convey the awe inspiring sights of MLB ballparks (or places we saw while on the road) in words. For those moments there is no better app to have than Photosynth, a panorama app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas. To keep it simple to understand, Photosynth uses the latest in computer vision techniques to capture 360 degrees horizontally and vertically, making a perfect “sphere.”

4th & Mayor

We all know Foursquare. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out for a night on the town and in the morning asked myself “where the heck did I go last night.” Foursquare solves that age old question and 4th & Mayor is a quick, clean Foursquare client on steroids. Using 4th & Mayor we checked in from the top of Fenway’s Green Monster and check a memorable item off the list.


When you’re driving through the middle of nowhere U.S.A. sometimes you want to get a musical sample of what the locals are listening to. Knowing the hit tunes of your current city really helps you fit in while in public settings. For three straight weeks we were in full on junkie mode for iHeartRadio which allowed us to listen in live to over 1,000 of the nation’s most popular live broadcast and digital-only radio stations from 150 U.S. cities. When we weren’t scrolling through local stations we were building Custom Stations with access to over 14 million songs.

ESPN Scorecenter

We had to keep up with all the latest baseball news and the ESPN app was the clear cut winner. It is a robust app that offers you way more than just scores. With simple swipes of the screen you can see the latest news, rumors and highlights from your favorite team, division or league. Easy as cake.

gMaps Pro

The most crucial part of our trip was sticking to the itinerary. The best way to do this is by not wasting time driving in circles. Get form point A to point B with not lost time in between is beyond crucial and gMaps Pro was a stud on the trip. It found you location quickly and the turn by turn directions were spot on.

Local Scout

New to the area or just looking for something new to do? We know the feeling. After being in 12 cities overt he course of two weeks Local Scout was a life saver helping us find nearby restaurants, shops, and things to do. It allowed us to find all the relevant info about the different places to help decide where to go. One of the clear cut best finds of the trip was Castaway’s in Chicago. Boy oh boy. The party was poppin’ off and the women were beautiful.


What good is a summer road trip with friends if you don’t have a rockin’ playlist to enjoy? Spotify allowed us to listen to any track, any time. We ranged from rock music of the late 1990’s through early 2000’s, think Hoobastank all the way through Mumford & Sons to the latest music from Skrillex and friends. A whole world of music is was available for our listening pleasure. Thanks Spotify.


Along the same line of gMaps Pro is the GasBuddy App. The quickest way to have a bad time is to blow past your budget and in today’s world gas is a major culprit. It is amazing to me that everyone doesn’t use GasBuddy religiously. If you do a ton of driving the ability to shop around for gas to get the lowest price is a no brainer and GasBuddy makes it so simple/

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