Closing Out The #WPbaseball Bucket List With A Bang At Safeco Field

Well we finally made it. 12 cities later and The Roosevelts have landed in Seattle ready to cap off the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List Tour with a bang at Safeco Field. Safeco is one of those underrated ballparks with more ammenities than beats the eye. The retractable roof, killer sushi and an art scene that would make even the hippest of Brooklynites blush.

The current move to New York might put a damper on the stadium’s Japanese prized signature food, the Ichiroll. A sushi stand behind section 133, is the home to the most coveted sushi roll baseball’s ever had. Unsure if the roll still exists but we’re glad we got to experience the spicey salmon, crab and shrimp delight before they started calling it the Traitor Roll.

The Mariners are also very social media savvy, allowing fans to Tweet songs to DJ Supa Sam during batting practice, pictures to the jumbotron and even Tweet at one of the beer vendors using @msBeerVendor your location for a fresh brewski.

Seattle’s largest party venue is actually at Safeco Field! The Pen, which opened this year, is located next to the bullpen and offers $5 beers from the ridiculously beautiful Coors Light Girls starting 2.5 hours before first pitch. The Pen is opened only on Friday and Saturday so make sure you plan your trip around those days.

During the game we got to stop by the announcers booth and hang out with former Mariners great turned announcer Dan Wilson. What happened next was possibly the most exciting part of the trip.

We got to meet the world famous Mariners Moose! What better way to finish off the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List tour than with the coolest mascot in baseball.

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