Killing Time at Work (Infographic)

Work is about productivity, right? We know sometimes you get so swamped your brain can’t seem to wrap its head around the simplest problems and it seems like because of all the static going on at once, nothing gets done. Well you’re absolutely right, a study at The British Institute of Psychiatry has made the conclusion that multi-tasking at work can lower your IQ by up to 10 points. For most of us, those 10 points are crucial for us to make it across the street (which we’re probably doing while texting and listening to the new Rick Ross album).

While we know the scrutinies of having a to do list piled higher than our cubicles, but it’s in our nature to try and knock them off all at once, which usually means having a few slip through the cracks. Check out this infographic to figure out exactly how not to act, if you plan on having a productive day at work.

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