The Roosevelts get a tour of The Microsoft Home of the Future

During our time wrapping up the Windows Phone Baseball Bucketlist tour, the powers that be at Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to let us into their highly secretive home of the future. The home essentially showcases everyday household technology that we’ll be using an estimated 10 years in the future.
Johnathan, The Director of Strategic Prototyping and possible mad scientist, gave us the entire rundown of what our future digs will offer and look like. The technology featured in the home is not necessarily the direction well be accustomed to, instead the engineers at Microsoft are encouraged to think in a more non traditional sense and produce software and hardware that skews the perception of technology as we know it now.
software that can tell if a plant isn’t getting enough sunlight or nutrition. OLED screens so thin, that they can be used as wallpaper and painted over with normal household paint then used to reveal a subtle message illuminated. Fully interactive tablecloths perfect for a child’s birthday party, or fun dinner party with friends and most importantly, mancaves. Coffee tables that can fully recognize photos and type of a tangible magazine TVs that offer a virtual 3D world for maps and navigation. I can go on for 10 years about this, but you’ll have to watch these three videos then get your McFly on.

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