Best Of “Mo Farah Running Away From Things”

While the McKayla Not Impressed Meme was based off of McKayla Maroney‘s masterful perfomance of the bitch face this latest Meme to come out of the Olympics celebrates the exuberance of Olympic legend Mo Farah. The Tumblr page called “Mo Farah Running Away From Things” featured the two time Olympic champ running away from things like Brides, a T-Rex and more. It was created by Luke Harvey, a 21-year-old graphic-design graduate, on Sunday night and as of this afternoon the site has receive over one million hits. Luke hasn’t turned the photo of Mo Farah into a PNG so other people can create their own Meme and submit but you can Suggest-A-Mo. We pulled together a compilation of the best but you can see them all right here.

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