The Most Popular NFL Teams (According To The Internet)

To get people psyched about the start of the NFL season we’ve decided to use the newly anointed “Algorithm X” to find out which NFL team is the most popular on the internet. The maximum possible score is 128 and the minimum possible score is 4.

What good is our list if you can’t see how it was produced? See all the math right here.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars – 10 Points

  • Least popular team on Facebook.

31. St. Louis Rams – 18 Points

30. Tennessee Titans – 21 Points

29. Arizona Cardinals – 22 Points

  • Least popular team on Twitter.

28. Carolina Panthers – 23 Points

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 30 Points

26. Cincinnati Bengals – 35 Points

25. Kansas City Chiefs – 37 Points

  • Most popular NFL team on Bing.
  • Least popular team on Google.

24. Baltimore Ravens – 39 Points

23. Cleveland Browns – 40 Points

22. Seattle Seahawks – 43 Points

21. Detroit Lions – 50 Points

20. Houston Texans – 53 Points

18a. Miami Dolphins – 60 Points

18b. Minnesota Vikings – 60 Points

17. Washington Redskins – 66 Points

16. Atlanta Falcons – 68 Points

15. Indianapolis Colts – 71 Points

  • Least popular team on Bing.

14. San Diego Chargers – 72 Points

13. Denver Broncos – 78 Points

12. New York Jets – 79 Points

  • Most popular NFL team on Twitter.

11. Oakland Raiders – 85 Points

10. Philadelphia Eagles – 86 Points

8a. New York Giants – 88 Points

8b. Buffalo Bills – 88 Points

7. San Francisco 49ers – 98 Points

6. Chicago Bears – 105 Points

5. Green Bay Packers – 112 Points

4. New Orleans Saints – 115 Points

  • Least amount of official website traffic.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers – 116 Points

2. New England Patriots – 119 Points

  • Most popular NFL team on Google.

1. Dallas Cowboys – 124 Points

  • Most popular NFL team on Facebook.
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