Aquille Carr beat up his 26 year old baby mama (allegedly) then went on to score an astounding 56 points just hours later. Cold blooded.

Seton Hall University has a major dilemma on their hands. Do they support Chris Brown‘s protégé by allowing Carr to sign a letter of intent on November 14th and make it official or do they dig their heels in and let the most exciting high shcool player in the nation go?

All eyes are on Seton Hall as this debate rages because if the Pirates give him the boot another very high profile team will certainly swoop right in and sign the 5’6” crime stopper from Baltimore. I’m leaning towards let him play. SHU is a catholic school and maybe he can be rehabbed, after all his baby mama did commit statutory rape so although hitting a women is wrong in every case there are probably two sides to the story.  Plus his latest mixtape is friggen absurd and he’ll pack the Rock every game and bring the Pirates back to the top.

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