The 50 Most Popular NFL Players On The Internet Of 2012

Ask 50 NFL fans who their favorite player in the league is and you’ll probably get 50 different answers. Popularity at its core is so subjective, if only there was a way to scientifically rank popularity. Now there is. Using a ranking system we’ve developed that takes into account social media and web search rankings we’re calling Algorithm X, we’ve ranked the top 100 NFL players according to the internet.

To produce the numbers we compiled a list of the top 100 players in the league. For each player we compiled their number of Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, Google Search Results and Bing Search Results, ranked each from most to least. The player at the top receives 100 and the player at the bottom gets 1. The outlier number for each player is thrown out so the maximum possible score is 300. Example: if a player is top on Facebook, Twitter and Google they would recieve the max score of 300. Simple.

Who will come in at number one? Find out below then click on over to The Most Popular NFL Team on the Internet to see where your team placed.

50. Patrick Willis – 155 Points

Amazing link: Patrick Willis rips it up in the gym with his “homegrown” workout. Watch it now >>

49. Ed Reed – 156 Points

Highlight Reel: Ed Reed is considered one of the most dominant safeties currently playing in the NFL and is often referred to as a “ball hawk.” Watch Ed Reed’s INSANE highlight reel >> 

48. Carson Palmer – 159 Points

47. Steve Smith – 161 Points

Good guy Steve Smith: Panthers receiver Steve Smith announced that he will give $100,000 to the city of Aurora, Colorado, which will distribute it to victims of the Dark Knight Rises theater shooting to offset their medical expenses. Read about his good deed here >>

46. Matt Forte – 166 Points

Did you know: Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte has dropped only three passes in the last three years? Fact >>

45. Matthew Stafford – 168 Points

Cheerleaders Love QBs: Some professional athletes use their fame and fortune to attract a different girl every night. But others, like Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, don’t let the limelight take them away from a committed relationship. Stafford has been dating his girlfriend, Kelly Hall, for several years. The two go back to when they attended the University of Georgia together, where Stafford was the star quarterback and Hall was a cheerleader. Kelly Hall photos >>

44. Mike Wallace – 171 Points

Contract Issues: Mike Wallace just recently ended an extended holdout that saw him miss training camp and all the preseason games. Should he be allowed to just waltz back in like nothing ever happened and resume his spot as starter for Week 1 of the NFL season? Vote now >>

43. Earl Thomas – 172 Points

Get Jacked: Pro-Bowl DB Earl Thomas teamed up with Go Pro Workouts to bring to you his complete off-season workout program. It covers all aspects of cardio, speed, agility, strength and sport-specific training. If you want to become a stronger, faster and more explosive football player try Earl’s program today. See the program here >>

42. Jason Witten – 178 Points

Best In The League: Jason Witten is a monster. Highlight reel here >>

41. Philip Rivers – 180 Points

Fearless: names Rivers the toughest pocket passer in the NFL.

40. Charles Woodson – 183 Points

All Class: After an undeniably impressive touchdown catch [due to pass interference], Charles Woodson congratulates Hakeem Nicks. See the amazing catch and classy fist bump here >>

39. Andre Johnson – 184 Points

38. Vince Young – 188 Points

T-36. Clay Matthews – 194 Points

Mullet: Want to see Clay Matthews as a kid? Sweet mullet alert >> 

T-36. Greg Jennings – 194 Points

Old Spice: Greg Jennings is now a commercial star playing frisbee with a Golden Retriever and frolicking in this new spot for Old Spice >>

35. Arian Foster – 196 Points

34. Devin Hester – 197 Points

Best Ever: Watch all 14 Devin Hester touchdowns which lead him to breaking the NFL record along with 2 additional ones (Superbowl and Missed FG). Watch here >>

33. Miles Austin – 198 Points

32. Julio Jones – 203 Points

I Bet He Can Dunk: Julio Jones makes an unbelievable one handed catch in pregame of the Falcons vs. Eagles game. This is one of the more impressive things I have ever seen >>

31. Andrew Luck – 204 Points

Multi Sport Star: Andrew Luck is amazing at football but I bet you didn’t know he has futbol skills too? Watch him juggle a soccer ball here >>

T-29. Dez Bryant – 208 Points

Superstar In The Making: Big, physical, fast and great hands. And he gives his all every single play. Watch the highlight reel >>

T-29. Brian Urlacher – 208 Points

Honor Du-al: Brian Urlacher was pretty geeky before he tried Swagger by Old Spice. See the video here >>

28. Maurice Jones-Drew – 212 Points

Prank Call: Matt Forte prank calls Maurice Jones-Drew to get him back for last year. Watch the prank here >>

27. Matt Ryan – 215 Points

26. Victor Cruz – 222 Points

25. Calvin Johnson – 223 Points

Beast: I don’t think there has been a player that has the traits Megatron has. He’s 6’5, has a ridiculous vertical, has great hands, runs a 4.3 forty, and he’s a good route runner. Watch this highlight reel is you want to see the best Receiver in the game today >>

24. Robert Griffin III – 231 Points

Weight Room: No QB in the league is more dedicated to the weight room than RGIII. Watch him squat 695 pounds >>

23. Randy Moss – 234 Points

Becoming A Leader: Randy Moss stays after practice to help Vernon Davis with his technique. See the photo here >>

22. Mark Sanchez – 235 Points

Ladies Man: Mark has a beautiful and famous new girlfriend. See who it is here >>

21. Troy Polamalu – 237 Points

Ups: Steelers safety Troy Polomalu times the snap, jumps over the offensive and defensive lines nearly sacking Browns QB Colt McCoy. See the jump here >>

20. James Harrison – 239 Points

Hard Hit: Harrison gave Colt McCoy the hit of a lifetime. Watch it here >>

19. DeSean Jackson – 240 Points

Classy: A 13 year old boy was bullied by seven students and the video was posted on Youtube. He became a national hero and was surprised by some of his biggest heros >>

18. Ray Rice – 242 Points

Facebook Hero: Ray Rice is a stud on the field but he is also leading the charge for anti-bullying on Facebook. See his plea here >>

T-16. Ray Lewis – 244 Points

Motivational: Lewis offers a powerful pep talk that will go down in history as a damn impressive piece of sports oratory. Almost “Win one for the Gipper”-esque, thanks to the intermittent thundercracks in the background. Watch it here >>

T-16. Wes Welker – 244 Points

Pranked: Peyton Manning’s pulls off an epic Pro Bowl practice prank on Wes Welker. Good one Peyton. Good one. Watch the prank here >>

Wes Welker recently married former Miss Hooters International Anna Burns – see her photos by clicking the thumbnails above.

15. Adrian Peterson – 246 Points

Trucked: Adrian runs over a defender in a level or trucking that will probably never happen again. Watch him run through William Gay here >>

14. Tony Romo – 247 Points

Wedding Fun: Imagine being at a wedding with Tony Romo, convincing him to hand off your martini, then getting a picture of the play. See the ultimate Facebook photo here >>

T-12. Ben Roethlisberger – 248 Points

T-12. Larry Fitzgerald – 248 Points

Great Hands: Larry Fitzgerald catches balls while hanging upside down and has 2x the average reaction time.  See the coordination here >>

11. Hakeem Nicks – 250 Points

Magician: Hakeem Nicks prove that he has the fastest hands in the NFL as he competes in the “Rookie Got Talent” competition. Watch his amazing trick >>

10. Cam Newton – 259 Points

Hot: Evan Longoria’s girlfriend got into Cam Newton’s pants. See the photos here >>

9. Eli Manning – 264 Points

T-7. Aaron Rodgers – 274 Points

Time Machine: When this kid was 10 he sent a football card to Aaron Rodgers asking for an autograph. 5 years later, look what arrived in the mail >>

T-7. Chris Johnson – 274 Points

Fast: Chris Johnson is not lacking in confidence. The Titans running back announced his plans to run for 2,500 yards and says he would beat Usain Bolt in a race. See his bolt prediction here >>

T-5. Drew Brees – 281 Points

Rich: New Orleans Saints franchise QB Drew Brees is the highest salaried player in NFL history. And by 2017, Brees will have pulled in a staggering $100 million (gross).With that kind of coin at his disposal, here’s a top ten list featuring just some of the crazy stuff Drew Brees can now afford >>

T-5. Reggie Bush – 281 Points

High School: Reggie Bush and Alex Smith went to the same high school. See the dynamic duo in action here >>

4. Peyton Manning – 290 Points

 Ticket Prices: Payton draws a crowd. Opening day tickets to his first game as a Bronco are the most expensive in the league. Prices >>

3. Tim Tebow – 291 Points

All He Does Is Win: DJ Steve Porter’s Webby Award winning video here >>

2. Michael Vick – 292 Points

Elusive: Vick might be the most elusive quarterback in the history of the NFL. Watch his highlight reel here >>

1. Tom Brady – 293 Points

Hover Hand: Tom Brady has never hover handed in his life. See the photo here >>

Stats were compiled on 9/1/12 – see the full stats here

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