Office Breakdown

Over the next few months we’ll be publishing a new editorial series, showcasing the working space, living space and general “where the magic happens” space of our friends and colleagues. The point is to profile people offices, apartments or man caves highlighting meaningful items that they’ve acquired over the years. Keep an eye out as we connect with top musical artists, publishers and influencers to find out what makes them tick. For our inaugural feature, we’re going to give you an inside look at our lair.

1 – We picked up these lil’ sausages at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI, while on our Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List tour this summer. Now they reside on top of our bookshelf. “Guido” The Italian Sausage currently holds the office crown.

2 – Through our travels in India for The Adventurists: Rickshaw Run, we acquired this vintage spy-glass telescope. A good touch for anyone who ventures past the beaten path.

3 – What good would an explorer be without a compass. Also acquired through our travels in Kochin, India

4Oliver Peoples – Linford Sunglasses. Great for a day at the beach or flying a 1930’s dog fighting fighter plane.

5 – To publish the finest mens lifestyle content on the web, we need the finest computers. Our technology of choice is the Envy 14 Spectre. It’s got the power of a desktop but great on the go capabilities as well as the best sound quality in the game, using Beats by Dre technology. Throw on some headphones and you’ll never know you’re in a Starbucks or on a plane or working from home while your roommate’s fist fight over Madden.

6 – Come on. Lets face it. Hemingway, Thompson and Fitzgerald did some of their best work with a handy glass of alcohol by their sides. Nothing gets an editorial meeting started like a glass of Johnnie Walker King George V.

7 – The  marketing arm of The Roosevelts, Agency X, has produced several travel baseball campaigns. It’s America’s game and we’ve picked up New Era hats from all 30 Major League Baseball teams along the way. They are displayed prominently on our wall as a reminder of the good times.

8 – The rules are simple. Spin the globe. Stop the globe with your index  finger. Wherever it stops, you have one year to get there. If you don’t go, you’re fired.

9 – Holding weekly content meetings is important to producing good content. When we shot these photos we were gearing up for Shark Week. An entire wall of our office is dominated by Idea Paint, one of the sweetest products on the market. Basically you paint it on with a roller, let it dry for two days then you have a fully functional white board. Ours is framed with wood wall molding from Home Depot, a $5 DIY project that paid off. Do yourself a favor. Get a laser level.

10 – Not everything revolves around the web. Sometimes a good idea will strike like lightning and it’s good to have a Moleskin notepad handy to write them down.

11 – We use only the finest mouse on the market. It just so happens that the X4000 from HP has a sweet mustache to go with the mantra of the site.

12 – What good is a moleskin pad without a smooth writing pen? This particularly impressive wood skinned writing utensil was purchased at The Morris Country Museum. The MCM handcrafted these out of a 200 year old tree that fell on the main lawn. The Pen’s survived three years and it’s still going strong.

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