Daniel Craig To Play James Bond In Two More Installments

If the movie studios are locking Daniel Craig into two more James Bond films the new Skyfall, in theaters on November 9th, must be damn good. Five films as 007 will make Craig the third longest serving Bond actor and if producer Michael G. Wilson has his way Craig will go on to be the longest serving actor in the role. 

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Daniel Craig has been contracted to play James Bond for two more films, which would carry his Bond tenure into the 25th entry of the franchise.

MI6 is confirming the new contract for Craig and states that Sony Pictures is looking to return to the two-year cycle of Bond movies. That would peg the 24th Bond film as a late 2014 release and the 25th film sometime in 2016.

The site notes though that the schedule may be “too aggressive for the artistic process at EON Productions,” who enjoyed the longer than usual break between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall due to MGM’s financial woes.

Craig is also keen on taking a breather as well, saying he will not take on any other film roles until all the Skyfall promotional work is completed. Producer Michael G. Wilson said that he hopes Craig will go on to be the longest serving actor in the role.

A total of five films would make Craig the third longest serving Bond actor, in terms of films produced, though it has taken six years to make three films. Bond actors also have a history of being released from their contracts early. Both Connery and Timothy Dalton left the role a film early for different reasons.

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