The Chipper Jones Farewell Stadium Tour

Regardless if you love or hate the Atlanta Braves there is really no way you can have hard feelings towards Chipper Jones. He is a rare player that earned the respect of players and fans alike throughout his 17 year career. At the start of the season Chipper announced that he will retire at the end of the year and in true poetic baseball form Chipper is having a great year, hitting .304 and leading his Braves to a potential playoff birth.

Chipper’s farewell tour is weaving it’s way across the U.S. and this weekend it stops at Citi Field. Chipper’s career has been defined by the way he has crushed the Mets. Chipper loved playing in New York so much that he named one of his kids, Shea, in honor of Shea Stadium, a place where he broke plenty of hearts. It’s certainly a love-hate relationship but sometimes you have to tip your cap to your opponent and the Mets will do just that on Sunday when Chipper comes to town for the final time in an Atlanta Braves uniform.

According to a report, the Mets will honor Jones in an extremely low-key manner and are planning to give him a parting gift similar to what he has been receiving at other stadiums. Let’s take a look at the previous stops of the Chipper Jones Farewell Tour and some of the items that have been presented to him.

Houston Astros on Wed., April 11

Cowboy hat presented by Craig Biggio

Arizona Diamondbacks on Sunday, April 22

6th inning standing ovation

Los Angeles Dodgers on Wed., April 25

Colorado Rockies on Sunday, May 6

Chicago Cubs on Wednesday, May 9

Atlanta Braves Wrigley Flag presented by Ryan Dempster

St. Louis Cardinals on Sunday, May 13

Autographed photo and Stan Musial jersey presented by Rafael Furcal & Adam Wainwright

Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday, May 20

Video tribute and standing ovation

Cincinnati Reds on Thursday, May 24

Chipper Jones Day & base presented by Scott Rolen

New York Yankees on Wed., June 20

Third base presented by Derek Jeter and Andruw Jones

Boston Red Sox on Sunday, June 24

Presented with a piece of Fenway Park’s Green Monster

MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, July 10

6th inning stadium ovation

Washington Nationals on Wed., August 22

Game used third base, autographed photo and the bat he used to hit a walk off home run in 2010 (it was also the first ever home run hit at Nationals Park) presented by Adam LaRoche, Mark DeRosa and Ryan Zimmerman

San Francisco Giants on Sunday, August 26

Special pregame ceremony and ovation

San Diego Padres on Wed., August 29

Surfboard presented by Trevor Hoffman


  • New York Mets on Sunday, Sept. 9

  • Milwaukee Brewers on Wed., Sept. 12

  • Miami Marlines on Wed., Sept. 19

  • Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday, Sept. 23

  • Pittsburgh Pirates on Wed., October 3

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