Now You Can Track That Plane Flying Overhead In Real Time

How you ever wondered where that jet flying overhead is going? One of life’s little mysteries is now solved with Flight Rader 24 which offers real time flight tracking that you can watch on your computer.

I never realized how many planes are flying over the Tri-state area until now, it’s somewhat staggering. But Flight Radar 24 really does work. I zoomed  in over our office, spotted a plane heading from the south that looked like it was going to do a fly over and sure enough there it was, United Airlines flight 980 from San Francisco.

For now they really have Europe covered (about 90% of planes use their technology) but every day more and more planes are added in the United States (about 30% have their technology now). If you’re feeling like a super geek and have a clear view of the sky about definitely check out Flight Radar 24.

See it in action here >>

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