Practical Guide to White Whiskey

When people talk about white dog whiskey the first thing that comes to mind for many of us is the image of banjos and NASCAR. I think it’s a foolish presumption because white whiskey is the predecessor to all -age spirits. Today legal white whiskey is being produced on an influx and many consumers don’t understand if it’s a novelty item or where it’s purpose in the spirits industry lies.

Wood aging any product will cause it to mellow out from the char inside the barrel the same way a Brita filters water. This process takes away the natural flavor of the product and inserts the wood flavor. There is no real issue with consuming an aged product because it’s extremely enjoyable to spit Bourbon, aged tequila or dark rum.

The real use for white whiskey is the substitute of vodka in any mixed drink. Vodka doesn’t contain any oil conquers because of the effectiveness of the column stills that it’s made in. Other spirits such as whiskey, rum, and tequila are still produced in pot stills for the most part. Pot stills strip out congeners from the product. Oil congeners in white whiskey hold any flavor you add to it. This is why white whiskey is so awesome to use in mixed drinks. Oil congeners are bonding agents and when shaking a mixed drink the oil congener’s latch on to the molecules in cocktails. Vodka has no congeners or bonding agents and therefore has no flavor.  White whiskeys on the other hand have tons of flavor and lots of oil congeners to bond to.

I’ve read many magazines, and have subscriptions to almost every spirit magazine on the market. As this being my first spirits column I will not review spirits in the same way as my predecessors. There’s three ways to review spirits, the first is a rating system of the spirit, and this to me is useless information because the scale is based on an opinion from one person’s pallet to another. The second way of reviewing spirits is by giving you descript words to explain what that spirit has in it. I’m going to shoot for a third way of explaining which spirits I’m excited about purchasing. Some of the spirits I may have already tried and some of them may not be available just yet. I think it’s important for me not to put my pallet and ego on top of your decision-making process.

This is my list of white whiskeys I’m currently interested in trying or trying again:

  1. if you’ve seen the reality TV show Moonshiners you know who Popcorn Sutton was. The mystery of this famous moonshiner is legendary.
  2. For many of you that read the Roosevelt and live in New York City you have the opportunity to walk into one of your local distilleries and try one of the most renowned white whiskey products on the market. The guys at this distillery are good friends of mine and easily one of the most up-and-coming whiskeys on the market.
  3. I don’t like giving out a Facebook webpage for any spirit, but the website for this spirit isn’t up to par but I’m not reviewing websites and marketing techniques so I’ll just say that this product is easily one of the most unique products I’ve ever tasted.