The Punch Bowl III [216 Photos]

I like to tell myself that The Punch Bowl, our weekly look at football tailgating across America, is the most exciting weekly feature on the internet. It has all the elements that make outstanding content. Sports, party animals, beautiful women and original tailgate photos that you have never seen before.

We spend hours and hours each weekend curating these photos from the far reaches on the web and we’re proud to see that the word is getting out. This week’s Punch Bowl features several photos  submitted by RSVLTS readers so thanks to everyone who has spotted themselves, their friends or their school and shared the story via Facebook or Twitter.

If you think your school or NFL team tailgates harder than the other guys snap a few pictures and submit them!

How to submit: Tweet the picture to @RSVLTS using the hashtag #PunchBowl, upload the picture to Instagram using the hashtag #PunchBowl, upload the picture to our Facebook page or send it to us via email

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