The 26 Most Incredible Moments From The 2012 MLB Regular Season

2012 was one of the most memorable seasons in recent MLB history. It was the year of the pitcher but there were also several incredible hitting performances as well. We went through the archives and pulled together the most impressive highlights from the regular season to gear up for playoff action. If you think we missed anything let us know about it on Twitter @RSVLTS.

April 4: The Miami Marlins opened up their new stadium.

April 17: 49-year-old Jamie Moyer becomes oldest pitcher to win a MLB game

April 20: Boston Red Sox celebrate 100th anniversary of Fenway Park

April 21: White Sox righty Phil Humber throws perfect game against Seattle

April 28: Bryce Harper makes MLB debut against Dodgers

May 2: Jered Weaver tossed no-hitter against Minnesota

May 3: Mariano Rivera injures ACL

May 6: Orioles’ first baseman Chris Davis Gets The Win

Josh Hamilton

May 8: Josh Hamilton 4 home runs in a game

St Louis Cardinals v New York Mets

June 1: Johan Santana throws no-hitter against St. Louis

June 8: Six Seattle Mariners pitchers throw combined no-hitter against the Dodgers

June 13: According to Sports Illustrated statisticians Matt Cain’s perfect game to be the second most dominating 9-inning performance in baseball history.

June 18: R.A. Dickey throws second consecutive one-hitter

June 27: Mike Trout makes “The Catch” against Baltimore

June 19 & 30: Aaron Hill hits for the cycle two times in one month

July 9: Prince Fielder wins home run derby

July 10: NL wins All-Star game 8-0

Barry Larkin

July 22: Barry Larkin inducted into MLB Hall of Fame

July 31: wraps up Baseball Bucket List at Safeco Field

August 11: Back To The Future DeLorean Hovercraft Spotted In McCovey Cove

August 15: MLB All-Star MVP Melky Cabrera suspended 50 games for steroids

August 15: Félix Hernández tossed 23rd perfect game in Major League history against Tampa

August 25: Roger Clemens returns to professional baseball

September 29: Homer Bailey Tosses The 7th No-Hitter of 2012

October 3: Teddy Wins first Washington Nationals President Race

October 3: Chipper Jones farewell tour concludes

October 3: Miguel  Cabrera wins the AL Triple Crown

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