The MLB Teams According To “Americaness”

We love ranking things. Especially when it comes to sports. We’ve already shown you which NFL team is the most American so now with baseball playoffs in midswing it’s time to give MLB teams the treatment.  Which team bleeds the red, white and blue more than any other? Time to find out.

Our brilliant DC contributor Rory, the creator of Mr. America Head, has devised an algorythm for ranking the Americaness of MLB teams. It’s pretty simple, yet highly effective.

It goes a little something like this… Team Color Score (Red, White and Blue in your team colors, 1 point for each) + Americaness of Team Name (2 points for very American, 1 point for pretty American, 0 points for not very American) + winning percentage (0.5 median point) + Real American Hero Score (each team’s city ranked by percentage of population that are veterans, 3.2 points for highest percentage, 0.1 points for lowest) + Money Talks Score (per capita median income for each team’s city is ranked, 3.2 points for highest income, 0.1 points for lowest) + Leadership Score (0.5 points for every president born in team’s city) = Americaness Score. See how the point were calculated here.


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