Train and Prep for a Winter Tough Mudder

This October The Roosevelts are partnering up with Aeroshots and participating in a grueling 12 mile Tough Mudder run. Now we know these mud runs have been plaguing your news feeds and side bar ads, but none of them holds a candle to Tough Mudder. Most of these half ass 5k runs are splish splash fun with the illusion of being badass because you get “down and dirty”. Essentially they’re mud slip’ n’ slides. Tough Mudder was the first, started by british special forces men to push your body to the ultimate limit. 12 Miles. 20-30 obstacles. Either your’re in or your out. No 3 Mile, 8 Mile or 10 Mile tiers for people who just want to be a part of something. Those races give TM a bad rap. The Mudder requires training; upper body and lower. Strength and conditioning. And doing it in the winter makes the summer mudders look juvenile. So for all you brave souls who sought for the ultimate winter outdoor adrenaline rush, here are some fitness and gear tips you should look into for the race.



Celebrity Fitness Trainer Michael Olajide, Jr. (AeroSpace High Performance Center) has devised an at home full body workout regiment designed specifically for a full body event like Tough Mudder

AEROSHOT  Tough Mudder Workout

Warm Up
Jog on the spot (feet back)/60 seconds
Jog on the spot (knees up)/ 60 seconds
Jumping jacks/ 60 seconds

Stage 1
Isometric squat hold / 60 seconds
Isometric hold pushup (elbow bent) / 60 seconds
Isometric squat hold / 60 seconds
Isometric hold pushup (elbow bent) / 60 seconds

Stage 2
Jump rope/ 60 seconds
Explosive knee lifts (20)
Jump rope / 60 seconds
Explosive knee lifts (20)

Stage 3
AeroTuck (25 lateral)
Jump rope / 60 seconds (fast)
AeroTuck (25 lateral)
Jump rope / 60 seconds (fast)

Stage 4
Jump changes (40)
Arm changes (20)
Jump changes (40)
Arm changes (20)

Cool Down
Jump rope/ 2 minutes

Exercises Explained (also see corresponding videos)

Basic Jump/Speed Jump (Rope)
One turn one jump. When it’s time to speed up, move the hands faster. The feet try and keep up.

Double Turn (Rope)
Finish off the exercises by building up from one double turn to consecutive double turns in a row. Eventually going from two in a row to 50.

The aero tuck is for the abs and arms. As you jump from the left to the right, bring your left knee up to meet your right elbow. Squeeze the core muscles 100% of the time and move fast. Q

Arm Changes
In pushup position QUICKLY explode of the ground and move one arm forward as the other jumps back.

Leg Changes
Squat with one leg forward the other back, as you jump up bring the opposite leg forward and the other back. Continue this motion nonstop.

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