Grantland Quarterly

Relive all your favorite sports and lifestyle moments from past quarters written by the best writers in the world and edited by Grantland frontman, Bill Simmons. This is a tangible collection, featuring custom artwork, full color and never before read articles from the 2nd best sports and lifestyle site on the web, Grantland. Including Malcolm Gladwell on the NBA lockout, Simmons’ infamous article on the LeBron meltdown and Michael Schur (co-creator of the show Parks and Recreation) on the dismal collapse of the 2011 Red Sox. Grantland Quarterly $25.00

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DC Characters Meet Their Marvel Equivalents

For more than half a century, DC and Marvel have been ripping off each other’s creations without the characters ever acknowledging the existence of their doppelganger. Well, that isn’t quite accurate. 90s kids will remember the Marvel vs. DC event in 1996 which led to the creation of Amalgam Comics,…