40 Photos of the San Francisco Giants World Series 2012 Fan Riot [EXCLUSIVE]

What a night! The timing of RSVLTS.com’s trip to San Francisco couldn’t have been any better. First off, we left NYC only hours before Hurricane Sandy hit, WTF. We also arrived in time to celebrate the Giants beating the Tigers to win their second World Series in three years. Lucky for us our hotel was about half a block from the impromptu fan riot at the intersection of 3rd Street and Market Street.

Obviously we bolted out of the hotel with camera in hand to cover the action. There are three types of people at any fan riot. Observers, instigators and idiots.

The observers sit on the sidelines watching the action. In the case of San Francisco, 90% of them were smoking the weed. There were also plenty of people capturing the hooliganism on their iPads, which was a hilarious sight that felt perfectly cliche in San Francisco.

Then you have the instigators and the idiots. The two go hand-in-hand. The instigators are the guys yelling f”–k the police” for no apparent reason and giving glass bottles to drunk idiots and daring him to throw it.

Most of the instigators at this riot (see the guy in the white shirt above, dude was by far the biggest instigator of the night) would jump on top of a car for a second, draw the attention of the idiots, seed this cool idea into the idiots head then hop off and blend into the crowd.

The idiot would see the instigator on top of the car, feed off the attention of the crowd and follow suit. But instead of hopping off after a few seconds all the idiots flock to the car, pile on by the dozen and jump on it until the car is destroyed or drives off blindly through onlookers. It was a sight we saw happen at least 15 times.

The lack of police presence was pretty shocking and irresponsible on part of San Francisco. Riot police showed face for about 10 minutes to direct traffic and scatter the crowd but then they left and the windshield smashing was back in session.

All in all it was a pretty eventful night in San Francisco.


This good guy tried to fix the lift on the bus but couldn’t life it all by himself…

So another guy came along and helped him out. Good people.

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