The Oakley Airwave Goggle

The Oakley Airwave is the future of technology meets action sports. It combines the company’s best goggle technologies with a heads-up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth, and more with a host of onboard sensors to bring new possibility to the alpine experience. Alpine sports enthusiasts can access a full range of information transmitted directly to the eye with the benefits of Oakley’s world-class optical performance, comfort and protection. The heads up display appears as a 14 ft projection 5 feet away, so your eye never has to refocus, but aligned low enough to be non intrusive.

Speed, jump verticals and jump time are also new innovations that will encourage riders and skiers to push the envelope without the assist of a buddy filming their jumps. The Airwave also has over 600 snow trail maps so you can map out or check off your run before you ride. And if thats not enough, if your mountain brah’s have the goggles, app or a smartphone you can track their location on the mountain and meet up after a few runs on your own.

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