Suddenly Our SF Giants Fan Riot Photos Are Very Important To The Police

Who knew the photos we shot on early Monday morning at the San Franciso Giants’ fan riot taking place outside our hotel on 3rd and Market Street in downtown San Francisco would be so influential? We told you that there was a group of instigators and idiots trashing vehicles. Well, now it turns out that there is a mini hanhunt taking place for one person in particular who did damage to a $1 million city bus.

He isn’t the only guy who needs to be arrested. As we told you three days ago, the two men on the left wearing the red and the white are the biggest culprits of the bunch. We witnessed them thrashing dozens of vehicles and I can guarantee the guy in the SF Giants hat wasn’t the only one demolishing the bus.

For photographic evidence of these rioters destroying cars and buses see our photos here.

View more photos of the destruction here >>

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