25 Small Companies With Better Perks Than Any Trendy Tech Startup

Giant tech companies like Google and Facebook get a lot of attention for their killer perks. But small businesses have been stepping it up with competitive benefits and great work culture.

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MYRTLE BEACH,  SC - MARCH 6:  A Hooters Air jet sits on the tarmac after its inaugural flight March 6, 2003 from Atlanta, Georgia to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The airline, founded by Hooters of America restaurant chain Chairman Robert. H. Brooks, is scheduled to add flights from Newark, New Jersey to Myrtle Beach via Atlanta March 20, as well as flights to other destinations by mid-summer. (Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)

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TIME and Business Insider recently released some inside info on a book titled, How To Talk To Anyone, written by Leil Lownde, meant to enhance appeal to other people. Though any business savvy expert will tell you how important body language is, these 7 important tricks will help you through…


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