The 1st Annual Bold Tailgate Award Trophy Revealed


We’re one day into the 1st-annual Bold Tailgate Awards and the nominations are rolling in. Now it’s time to see what you die-hard tailgate heroes are submitting to win.

Obviously the year supply of Wheat Thins is on the line but the real icing on the tailgate cake is the 1st annual Bold Tailgate Awards trophy. Completely custom. Only four have ever been made.

The base is 5-inches of cherry hardwood all the way through with an elegant finish. On the front is a name plate specific to the Tailgate Award category. The name of the winner will be engraved for all eternity.

The jewel piece of the trophy is a full-sized football helmet so chromed out your girlfriend can do her makeup in the reflection before you go out for a celebratory steak dinner.

On both sides is the official Tailgate Awards decal. Full, bold colors. This will catch your friends eyes from at least 15 parking spots away.

And on the back are custom stickers to mark your achievement in the specific category.

So there you have it. No joke, next to the Stanley Cup and Lombardi Trophy, this just might be the sweetest trophy in America. A one of a kind talking point for life that can be yours if you send in an entry into the 1st annual Bold Tailgate Awards right now.

Nominate your tailgate now!

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