Montreal on Fire [Time Lapse]

Evan Kitaljevich set out to make a time lapse video fo Montreal when a big fire broke out. It let to one of the most fascinating videos we’ve seen in a while.


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Sure, cities like New York City and Dubai are famous for being home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. But if you want to visit the very best — according to the World Travel Awards — you have to make your way to Milan. The Katara…


The New Joker Ride At Six Flags Great Adventure Will Undoubtedly Make Everyone Sick

DC comics have had a major role in the coasters of Six Flags theme parks over the years, but this year Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is about to get a game changing coaster we can only think was made to induce nausea and sickness. If you pride…


This Guy Travels Around The World Eating Pizza And Living The Dream

There’s nothing better than exploring the world with the one you love. Remember when we showed you that awesome couple who traveled the world to find the meaning of love? Well, we recently found another globetrotting guy who proves “love has no boundaries” when it comes to his saucy soulmate:…

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10 Hidden Gem Driving Roads in the USA

Few countries in the world can claim the geographical accolades that the United States can. We are a country flanked by the two largest oceans in the world and contained on either side by coastal mountain ranges. In the middle, there’s hundreds of thousands of lakes, rivers and canyons. And,…

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This Diver Touched a Great White Shark During Feeding, Because Hands Are Replaceable

Rule number 1, keep your hands in the cage. Rule number 2, keep your body in the cage. This diver off the coast of Guadalupe, Mexico decided it was in his best interest to bop a great white on the nose just as photographer Dmitry Vasyanovich, 47, from Moscow, Russia,…


Explorer Henry Worsley Dies Just 30 Miles Short on his Solo Trek Across Antarctica

After trekking for 71 days across the entire Antarctic, explorer Henry Worsley has sadly passed away after suffering from exhaustion and dehydration. Worsley was attempting to become the first man to trek across the south pole unaided, trying to complete what Sir Ernest Shackleton failed to do 100 years ago. After he came…

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Meet Kiersten, ‘The Blonde Abroad’ Who Quit Her Finance Job To Travel The World

Kiersten grew up believing that she needed to go to school and high-paying job to “make it” in the world and after working hard at school, she moved from San Diego to LA to get a job with a top financial firm. But after working her ass off for a…

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72 Hours In Seattle

Seattle is a city of connections. In Seattle’s early history, it grew by connecting prospectors to the Yukon and dreams of gold and wealth. As an historic trade hub for Asia, it connected eastern and western cultures and helped bring eastern culture into the American mainstream. Its vibrant music scene…