Oakley Airwave GPS Enabled Goggles [39 Days Until Christmas]

Oakley’s latest game changing product being called ‘Airwave’ are the most technologically advanced goggles on the market. The goggles house a very small screen that is perceived by the user’s eye to be a 14-inch display that can instantly deliver information including distance, airtime, temperature, speed , altitude thanks to an array of sensors including GPS, accelerometer and gyro. The Bluetooth connection will link the wrist worn controller to your smartphone allowing you to track friends and access your playlist.

The price point of $599 is significantly higher than then a standard pair of goggles but in addition to everything above maps to over 600 resorts feed intot he display  allowing you to instantly see what you’re at, track their friend’s locations, and see sweet stats like jump height and max speed.

Buy Now: $599.95

Oakley's Airwave Ski GoggleOakley's Airwave Ski GoggleOakley's Airwave Ski Goggle


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