One day of New York City MTA Transit Movement (Video)

Amazing footage of one weekday (from 4:00am to 4:00am) of transit activity in New York, based on the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data made available by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Fitting for the holiday season.

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This Stunning Time-Lapse Of Norway Will Leave You Pining for The Fjords

Dubai-based systems engineer Siddharth Prem began dabbling with photography as a way to explore the cosmos via the night sky and long exposures. And boy are we thankful he took up the hobby. This time-lapse video of Norway is comprised of thousands of Prem’s photographs and features the Scandinavian nations…

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Take A Time Lapse Tour Of NYC Via Drone [Video]

We love aerial drone videos. We love time lapse. We love New York City. So we really love that Vimeo user Oliver KMIA combined all three in his short “Big Apple.” Using aerial drone footage from Team BlackSheep and a Canon 6D from the ground, “Big Apple” is an epic…


Incredible Time Lapse Video Of The Arizona Monsoon; Damn Nature, You Scary!

Photographer Mike Olbinski spent 48 days chasing the Arizona Monsoon over 17,000 miles, capturing 105,000 time lapse frames along the way. 55,000 of those frames came together to form this epic nine-minute short, “Monsoon II,” an incredible chronicle of a meteorological event I didn’t even know existed. After you watch…

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This Amazing Time-Lapse Of South Korea Took Three Years To Film

We love watching time-lapse videos, but the problem is that they always seem so short. With a runtime of just two or three minutes, we’re always left wanting more. But when you think about what goes into making these videos, the reason is obvious — it takes too damn long!…

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This Ultra-HD Time Lapse From The ISS Is Way Better Than Hollywood CGI [Video]

If you’re not convinced that the ultra HD cameras aboard the International Space Station aren’t the greatest thing to happen to mankind, check out this video from Dmitry Pisanko, created using 95,623 files – over 100 gigs in total – downloaded from NASA. Be sure to watch it in HD…


You’ll Be Blown Away By The Brilliant Colors Of This Northern Lights Time Lapse [Video]

Apotheosis from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia on Vimeo. Beginning in 2014, the sun entered its solar maximum, a period that comes around every 11 years on average, when solar activity is at a maximum. For those of us on Earth, that means we’re rewarded with brilliant auroras. Filmmaker…

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4K Time Lapse Of Chilean Volcanic Eruption Looks Unreal

Back in April, Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted for the first time in over four decades. And luckily for all of us, Timestorm Films were there to capture it all. The event was captured in incredible 4K and 8K resolutions using Pentax 645Z and Canon 6D cameras. The resulting video is…


Mind-Blowing Time-Lapse Of The World’s Largest Salt Flat [Video]

Reflections from Uyuni from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo. At 4,086 sq mi, Salar de Uyuni in southwest Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat. Filmmaker Enrique Pacheco visited the region during the rainy season and captured its world-renowned beauty in 4k using Sony a7 and a7S cameras. The result is…


Journey Across A Greek Island In This Award-Winning Timelapse Film [Video]

Treasures of Zakynthos – A Timelapse Film from Maciej Tomków on Vimeo. The Greek island of Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination and a beautiful film locale, as evidenced by this insane rope jumping video we shared last month. But in director Maciej Tomkow’s “Treasures of Zakynthos” we get to…