2012 Bold Tailgate Award Finalists

Submissions for the Bold Tailgate Awards have been steadily rolling in, and we also met plenty of great tailgaters at the Florida vs FSU game this past weekend. Now it’s time to reveal the top five finalists for each of the four categories. Voting will conclude at 11:59 pm on Sunday, December 9, 2012, so if you haven’t already be sure to vote for your favorites, and if you’re already a nominee take a second to rally your family and friends.

Grill Master

The Grill Master plans the tailgate menu for weeks and on game day arrives to the stadium with a chariot of BBQ fire. Why cook four burger patties on a mini camping grill when you could cook 20 hamburger patties at once with an overstated, fire breathing, Hummer-sized barbecue elegance? While bigger isn’t always better, in this category it definitely leaves a lasting impression.

Grill Master Nominee #1 – NC State Monster Grill  – Cory S. 

Grill Master Nominee #2 – Razorback Helmet Grill – Ced D.

Grill Master Nominee #3 – U. of Illinois Illini Grill – Jordan M. 

Grill Master Nominee #4 – Texas BBQ Beast – Chance W.

Grill Master Nominee #5 – UNC Grill – Paul S.

Bold Superfan

The Bold Superfan thinks fans who only paint their faces are amateurs. In the world of the Bold Superfan, face paint makes up only 1/20th of the game day tailgate uniform. A Bold Superfan gets stopped at least 10 times before kickoff by fans who want to snap pictures of eccentric, team-inspired looks to share with friends on Instagram.

Bold Superfan Nominee #1 – Blaine D. of University of Florida

Bold Superfan Nominee #2 – The Pom-Pom’ers of the Denver Broncos

Bold Superfan Nominee #3 – Mike B. and Kate S. of Rutgers U.

Bold Superfan Nominee #4 –  Vickie T. of Florida State University

Bold Superfan Nominee #5 – Captain Greenbeard of University of Oregon

Tailgate Techie

Do you want to watch 15 games simultaneously while eating Wheat Thins snacks with the Grill Master at the stadium? Absolutely, the Tailgate Techie has you covered. With a portable DirecTV satellite playing 15 games simultaneously – and a mega surround sound system to boot – the Tailgate Techie can even easily help you forget not scoring those last minute tickets.

Tailgate Techie Nominee #1 – Rutgers Mobile ManCave

Tailgate Techie Nominee #2 –  FSU Tailgate Man Cave

Tailgate Techie Nominee #3 – Middle Tennessee State BBQ and TV Combo


Tailgate Techie Nominee #4 – Dallas Cowboys’ DJ Trailer

Tailgate Techie Nominee #5 – BSU Bronco Tech Lab

Tailgate Vehicle

Anyone can go rent an RV for the weekend. What you can’t do is rent a retired school bus with a custom paint job that includes team flair covering every square inch, inside and out, and a roof deck that will make you feel like the King of the parking lot. Tailgate Vehicle owners have an obsessive love for their team and the way to express this love is to have the most outrageous car in the lot.

Tailgate Vehicle Nominees #1 – University of Wyoming Cowboys Poke-mobile

Tailgate Vehicle Nominees #2 – Tennessee Titans’ Titan Mobile

Tailgate Vehicle Nominees #3 – Nebraska Huskers Fanbulance

Tailgate Vehicle Nominees #4 – The Boise State Fan Van

Tailgate Vehicle Nominees #5 – Rutgers Jitney

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