Sorry For Partying NYE 2013 Bash In Hoboken

Tired of getting ripped off on New Year’s Eve? Something about spending $150 to be crammed into a bar or club like cattle and wait 30 minutes for a drink isn’t our idea of a good time. That is why we’re taking over the The Farside in Hoboken. Convenient, good music, good people and affordable.. everything you want in a NYE party and more. If you want to attend make sure you RSVP immediately because there is only room for 60 people.

Open bar details: $65 – 4 hour premium open bar will include draft beer, wine and premium liquor like Absolut, Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Bacardi so on. They will collect money at the door.

Dress code: Dress to impress. Guys in button down shirt, girls in cocktail dresses.

Food: Isn’t included but the kitchen will be open so we can order food as we go.

RSVP here >>

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