Larry The Cable Guy Tours America For Heartburn Inducing Food

Larry the Cable Guy suffers from frequent heart burn so he decided to take new Prilosec OTC Wildberry on an adventure to some of the most AWESOME sporting events across the country in search of wild food and wild flavors. We all know how intense the food in Wisconsin can be so luckily Larry had taken some Prilosec OTC Wildberry that morning so he could eat mountains of cheese with his fellow Green Bay Packers fans.

Prilosec OTC would like YOU to put their new product to the test at three of the biggest sporting events of the year. From now until January 7, 2013, enter at for a chance to win trips to the Super Bowl, Daytona 500 and NBA Finals courtesy of new Prilosec OTC Wildberry. It will include travel and accommodations (a two-night hotel stay and air transportation for each destination), and one $5,000 check to be used to stuff your face with heartburn inducing food which you can then follow up with  some Prilosec OTC Wildberry.

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