Extreme Close Up Photos Of Snowflakes

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Winter is here. In the past that meant snow but we haven’t seen much of that since the great Halloween snowstorm of 2011. In case you need to be reminder of what snow looks like take a peek at these extremely close up photos of snowflakes. There is a popular expression saying “no two snowflakes are alike” but according to Wikipedia that might not be the case.

Snowflakes form in a wide variety of intricate shapes, leading to the popular expression that “no two are alike”. Although statistically possible, it is very unlikely for any two snowflakes to appear exactly alike due to the many changes in temperature and humidity the crystal experiences during its fall to earth. Initial attempts to find identical snowflakes by photographing thousands of them with a microscope from 1885 onward by Wilson Alwyn Bentley found the wide variety of snowflakes we know about today. It is more likely that two snowflakes could become virtually identical if their environments were similar enough.

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