There’s One of These Girls at Every Party (SNL Video)

Seth brings on, SNL rookie, Cecily Strong as “The girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party” and it’s all too close to home, this highly accurate depiction gave me chills. There’s one at every party, bar and lounge in America. A cute girl with potential, who’s just drunk enough to be annoying and just annoying enough to completely dissolve every morsel of norepinephrine you had in your body. She’s self righteous, entitled, sprinkled with some ignorance and topped off with a humble brag. Beware; If you spot an attractive girl standing by herself at a party, this is probably why.

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“Seinfeld: Season 7” (Sony, 24 episodes, four discs, $49.95) has, among others, “The Maestro,” “The Sponge,” “The Soup Nazi” and “The Invitations” (that is, the unfortunate stamp-licking end of George's fiancee Susan).(Handout/MCT)

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