25 Bands We Want To See Perform At Hoboken’s Pier A In Summer 2013

2013 is right around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about summer concerts on Pier A in Hoboken. Yes, concerts, with an ‘s.’ Before this past summer’s Mumford & Sons concert we spoke to a Hoboken councilman named David Mello and he told us that the town is considering doing two concerts per year, most-likely in July and August.

There is considerable planning that goes into producing a show of this magnitude so it’s never too late to start suggesting bands.

We did a survey of friends living in and around Hoboken and here are the bands they want to see play. Each band had to fit the ballpark price of Mumford & Sons, which is roughly $100-150k. Obviously with the destruction Hurricane Sandy brought to Hoboken we figure the bands might even consider taking less money and donating proceeds from the show to victims, just a thought.

We’re going to be sending this list to Hoboken politicians and local media so if you have a band you’d like to see let us know about it in the comments, there is a good chance your suggestion will be seen and considered.

Thanks to Krysten, Rob, Drew, Anthony, Chad, Sean and Jameel who helped us put the list together.

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