4 Things That Must To Happen For The Giants To Make The Playoffs

When the Giants make the playoffs it is good for business in New York City and Hoboken. Bars get packed out, people book hotels, buy apparel, and our economy fourishes. Not to mention Wicked Wolf turns into a Sunday Funday EDM dance party.

The G-men are 2-5 in their last 7 games and it’s looking unlikely that they’ll make the playoffs, but there is a chance.

Here are the four things that have to happen for the Giants to make the playoffs. We’ve also included the betting lines according to Las Vegas. 

#1 The Giants (9 point favorite) need to beat the Eagles (12/30 1:00 PM)

#2 Detroit Lions (4 point underdog) upset the Chicago Bears (12/30 1:00 PM)

#3 The Packers (3.5 point favorite) have to beat the Vikings (12/30 4:25 PM)

#4 Redskins (5 point favorite) beat the Cowboys (12/30 8:30 PM)

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