The 4 Hour Chef (book)

The 4-Hour Chef contains practical cooking and recipe tips and uses the skill of cooking to explain methods for accelerated learning.  Recipes based on Ferriss’ Slow-Carb Diet are included, and the book is presented as a practical and unusual guide to mastering cooking and food. Alongside these cooking techniques, Ferriss shows readers how to learn any new skill or ability quickly. Ferriss calls this capacity for mastering new skills in the minimum amount of time possible “meta-learning. The 4 Hour Chef $35.00

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13 Police Sketches Of Literary Characters Base On Their Book Descriptions

We all know that police sketches can be wildly inaccurate, most likely because eyewitnesses are notoriously bad at remembering details, but one would expect that sketches of literary characters based in the descriptions offered by the original authors would be the perfect representation of how we envision the characters when…


#InternetABook Ruins Your Favorite Literary Works

Have you ever read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night? Total snooze-fest. What the F was Scott Fitzgerald thinking naming his protagonist Dick Diver and not making the book about slaying trim? But consider Tinder is the Night…now that’s the type of book I can get into! And that’s…


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Source: Alex Bernasconi

Breathtaking Scenes From A Chilling Adventure Through The Antarctic [GALLERY]

Award-winning photographer Alex Bernasconi travels the world in hopes of capturing and depicting mother nature at her absolute best. His recent journey through the Antarctic was no exception as Bernasconi encountered some of the most incredible icebergs and breathtaking wildlife, including elephant seals and emperor penguins, all while facing temperatures…


Watch Bryan Cranston Read A Hilariously Filthy Children’s Book [Video]

Maybe Bryan Cranston’s narcissistic Walter White would never win father of the year, but most of us first became aware of the actor as the hilarious and dimwitted dad Hal on TV’s Malcolm in the Middle and it’s that same sort of character he brings to life in his reading…

The RSVLTS Weigh In On The Absolute Worst Sex Scenes In Literature Since 2000

Roughly 23 years ago, Literary Review, a UK-based publication, began giving out an annual Bad Sex In Fiction award to authors who tried (and epically failed) to paint vivid, poetic sex scenes and ended up somewhere else entirely. Spanning everything from to comparing sex to “diving through shoals of quarks” to climaxing…

A Wrinkle in Time (Andrew DeGraff/Zest Books)

Artist Maps The Fictional Worlds Of Iconic Books

When reading a novel, sometimes it’s difficult to picture exactly where in the made-up world the action is currently taking place. Characters traveling between two locations in a fictional world that you have to picture in your head isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do when you have no scale from…