A Gentleman’s Guide To The New Year’s Eve Kiss

If you play it right, the New Year’s Eve kiss is the cherry on top of a perfect evening. Here’s why: both parties are on the same page—no one, man or woman, would rather ring in 2013 blowing on a party horn like some lonely elephant. And really, those 10 golden seconds leading up to the NYEK are—by far—the easiest window of opportunity you’ll get all year, kissing-wise. The next 31,535,990 won’t even come close.

But as for all things, you need a game plan, so I’ve cooked up a how-to for the three types of girls you might encounter. (Girlfriends and wives aren’t listed—Lord help you if you can’t figure that one out.)

Read the guide to planting a wet one on NYE, breath mints not included >>

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