You Can Be Apart Of The Pepsi Super Bowl Half Time Show

The Super Bowl is 37 days away and we’re psyched about Pepsi’s first ever crowd sourced half time introduction that will welcome Beyoncé to the stage.

Fans will submit pictures of themselves in specific poses and these pictures will be strung together into a Melanie Iglesias style flip book that will welcome Beyoncé to the half time stage on CBS on February 3, 2013.

Not everyone will be used in the video spot but that doesn’t mean you be left empty handed. People who submit their photos will be entered into a drawing for a chance to be one of 50 lucky fans selected to cheer on Beyoncé and her dance team as they take the stage during her Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

If you want to enter log on to and enter photos for specific poses, such as head bops, toe taps, shouting, and more. See below for additional rules of photo submissions.

Additional Rules:
• Only fans 18 and older can submit photos
• Background images should be generic and non-identifiable
• Fans can’t wear clothing which has an identifiable logo
• Photos has to be high-res and taken with a camera
• Fans has to be open to signing a photo release form

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