The 50 Most Searched Men On Wikipedia Of 2012 [RSVLTS Exclusive]

2012 was a big year for sports, politics and entertainment so it will be interesting to see which man ruled the internet this past year.  Wikipedia offers an accurate representation of how the internet searched in 2012 so based off their list of the most searched terms of the year, we can tell you who was the king of the web. 

Wikipedia does not formally release a list of most searched topics of the year but, luckily for us, a Swedish hacker named Johan Gunnarsson came to the rescue.

Johan was nice enough to release to us, exclusively, the 1,000 most searched topics on Wikipedia of 2012. He was able to produce this list by analyzing “a bunch of script and programs that download and process traffic logs from Wikipedia, to find the pages with greatest uptrend in page views the last day” as he told BusinessInsider.

We then broke this list of 1,000 topics down to various buckets, ranging from women to TV shows, giving us an accurate list of internet popularity from 2012. Without further adieu, here are the 50 most searched men on Wikipedia of 2012 in English speaking countries.


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