Comparing NFL Stadium Screen Sizes [Infographic]


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Marshawn Lynch Just Announced His Retirement in the Most Marshawn Lynch Way

‚úĆūüŹŅ — Shawn Lynch (@MoneyLynch) February 8, 2016 Marshawn Lynch has never been a man of many words, going through the majority of last season in a media tug of war between the league and the media, which is why when he cryptically announced he’ll be hanging up his…


Gronk Once Stripped in College; Made $25

Last night, Gronk went on¬†Conan for an interview, where he told a story of how he accidentally became a male stripper in college. I could recap it for you, but you may as well watch it yourself, because no one can Gronk justice. But does that revelation really shock anyone?…


A Guide To The Wacky Prop Bets Of Super Bowl 50

I get it. Gambling is hard. Especially if you don’t understand sports. I’m sure there are people out there right now who are looking at the overs and unders for the Big Game and are having minor aneurysms. I also guarantee there are people out there right now who don’t…


Watch Recruit Deontay Anderson Skydive His College Announcement [VIDEO]

It’s National Signing Day, so that means that the top high-school players nationwide are all going to finally be revealing where they hope to play their college careers. However, it seems as Deontay Anderson set out to top the world with his announcement by creating a skydiving video in the…

NFL: Baltimore Ravens OG John Urschel
Penn State University/State College, PA
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Credit: Steve Boyle

The 10 Smartest Professional Athletes

A while back, we brought you the story of John Urschel¬†who, at the time, we called the smartest player in the NFL. This was further proven when he competed for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2014-2015 while also working on a¬†thesis¬†about¬†graph eigenfunctions.¬†Well, incredibly, he¬†just proved himself to be a whole…

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Here’s What Movie Trailers You Can Expect to See During Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is almost upon us and aside from it being Peyton’s last stand and Cam’s rise to elite QB status, we’re excited for the commercials. Dogs and cats will inevitably take over the majority of feel good ad spots, but what we all want to see are the…