Report: 60% Of Football Fans Prefer Tailgating At Home

There’s nothing like heading to a stadium for a nice day of tailgating. You’ve got the energy of the crowd, the smell of the BBQ, kids bolting in front of your car as you try to navigate narrowing parking lots, drunken fans hurling beer bottles at your face, weather conditions that always seem to be either too hot or too cold. Wait a minute, that sounds kind of hectic and we’re not the only ones who think so. If a Ad Week/Harris Poll survey is to be believed, 60% of U.S. adults say that they prefer to watch NFL games on TV, all curled up on the couch, while just 6% actually attend the games in person.

To further explore these stats we headed to football stadiums across America with former NFL star Dhani Jones to explore the drama that can go along with tailgating. As you’ll see things got pretty wild.

So what is causing this shift from fans attending games at the stadium to watching them at home?

We’re thinking the recession is to blame. Our paychecks aren’t getting any bigger but players salaries, cost of tickets and concessions sure are. This shift to at-home tailgating is not going away anytime soon so it’s best to save all that money you’d blow at the stadium and invest in an epic flat screen, surround sound, the Sunday Ticket, a couch that feels like a cloud of cotton and products from brands like Oscar Mayer who are embracing the trend with new at-home tailgating products like Carving Board Pulled Pork.

Photo source: Shutterstock

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